Artist statement, 2016

Through videos, photography and performative lectures my practice operates an examination of the peripheries of scientific research. My works are based on the deconstruction of both documentary footage and archival materials, by superimposing layers of fiction and computer-generated images. The final outcomes take the form of concise video installations and films, questioning the relationship between images and matter within the digital realm, while exploring the broader field of significances produced by science nowadays.

Since a dialogical approach to research and making is at the very core of my working methodology, text has lately become a pivotal element of my projects. Applying sociological forms of enquiry to the terrains of physics and metrology, my latest works are increasingly employing the creation of fictional devices to explore the political agency performed by scientific institutions and their influence on our understanding of notions of democracy and participation. As a consistent part of my research I always attempt to expand my work into round tables and public conversations, engaging in horizontal dialogues with both independent researchers and members of scientific institutions, in the attempt to open up such issues to a broader audience.